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The Trip!!! Primitive Rock & Roll

My friend Ken Getty used this art to his radio show.

Do you want this t-shirt ?

More information in this link: HTTPS://grouprev.com/cjam-the-trip

Coffin Cuties Magazine Issue 5 - One of my art inside.

Coffin Cuties®™Magazine issue 5 our huge Halloween extravaganza special edition issue is out NOW!!! Meet Coffin Cuties cover model Jamie Matsu Chin as she gives us cosplay as Vampirella. We have a jammed packed issue with the absolute best of the best for all your horror entertainment needs. See Welsh Alternative model Siân with some sexy Demon possession. The amazing photographer titan Foto Door Photography with his Horror and Fashion shoots. The very talented John John Jesse The Punk Painter. Bone Deth and The Bone Babes. Spotlight musical feature Kissing Candice. Tristan Risk has some poison apples for you. And many more Cuties such as: Jenna Marie Kitti aka Jenna Kitti, Violet Shrock, Kassandra Love, Jenevieve Zaya Zanasiotes Ghouella Deville, Bryona Ashly, Chantele Smith, Sex and Monsters comics, Mário Labate's art, The Coffin Coroner: Movie reviews with Michael Christopher Jones aka Michael "Dedman" Jones. And much, much more. Pick a copy up today!