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Voodoo Pin-up II

I received a message of the photographer Alex Colby asking me about one of my arts. He was very interested to transform my "Voodoo pin-up in a live model and to make a section photos. 
I was extremely happy with your request and also very curious to see the result.
I confess that I was very impressed with the result and decided to post here on the blog for everyone to see as well.

Below I reproduced one of the messages that Alex send me.
"That image you posted struck me and I reposted it to a closed set of my friends, tagging Clara, saying that I'd love to recreate it someday; a year later I got that reminder in the "on this day" thing and Clara was still down to do it, so we made it happen".

Alex Colby facebook page https://www.facebook.com/AlexColbyVA/

The model Clara Coquette